Restoring Health, Strength and Focus

Restoring health

Vitameatavegamin, Spiritual Tonic and Eagles


One of my favorite I Love Lucy episodes is when Lucy goes on TV to sell Vitameatavegamin, a physical health tonic.  It contains vitamins, meat, vegetables and minerals.  “If you’re tired, rundown and listless, or if you poop out at parties,” then the answer to all your problems is in this “Bittle Lottle” er little bottle.  But as everyone knows who has seen that episode, that little bottle also contains 23% alcohol.  And in true Lucy fashion, instead of spooning her way to health, she spoons herself high, if not drunk.  It’s a funny show, but taking care of our physical and spiritual health is no laughing matter.

Recently I got over a cold and a bout of bronchitis.  And I went through at least half a dozen bottles and capsules of this, that or the other  for chest congestion and cough.  I won’t mention any brands but you would know every single one of them.  But neither the medicines nor the vitamins, meat, vegetables and minerals I was consuming was bringing me completely around.  My spiritual health was depleted and I was emotionally exhausted, too.  It took the latest illness to realize that–again.

You see, I’m part of the “sandwich generation” but in a different kind of way.  Long before that term became popular, I was sandwiched between a parent on one end and siblings on the other with me in the middle trying to hold things together.  That is the story of my youth.  Today, cousins replace the parent.

A Spiritual Health Tonic

I confess I get weary in well-doing.  If you’re a caretaker of others, who takes care of you?  When you are weary and rundown, what do you do?  I do a lot of silent screaming.  “I’m tired of this!  Tired of being the one trying to make things right. I’m tired of being the person that lends money and is never repaid. And I’m tired of praying for things that don’t seem to be changing!”  Yet, who else is there?  This is my lot in life.  There was no realization for the longest time, that while I was praying for and being responsible to others, I was neglecting the same for myself.

At the peak of my bout with bronchitis, I was too weak and listless to do much talking or reading, But in my heart, I sang and made melody to the Lord.  The Psalm 34 song that I had last posted on my music page was internally playing and ministering to me.  As I got stronger, I began speaking and singing praises to God for every improvement and healing.

I recharged my home atmosphere by reading Scripture out loud and blasting great gospel-rich, foot-stomping, hand-clapping, tambourine-beating music! Make His praises loud and let God be enthroned!   It was a great spiritual health tonic.

Along with the natural vitamins, meat, vegetable and minerals, I was on the road to total recovery from my ailment, anxiety and the burdens of life.

Like an Eagle and His Disciple

I don’t regret any good I’ve done or any prayers prayed for anyone regardless of the outcome.  For what I used to negatively think of as “my lot in life,” is now thought an honor and privilege given by God.  I am undoubtedly blessed by God.  And as His disciple, I think of being a distributor of His blessing.  For on that mountain where Jesus blessed and broke the loaves and fish, He gave that directly to His disciples.  It was His disciples that distributed it to the people (Matthew 15:36; Mark 6:41).

Isaiah 40:29 states that He gives power to the weak and to those who have no might, He increases strength. Verse 31 goes on to say:  But those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength.  They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

An eagle is known for many things.  It has tremendous eyesight; it soars to great heights, and it flies by making itself one with the current of the wind. Eagles also do not flock together.  From time to time, Jesus went off with His disciples by themselves to be refreshed or He went alone to pray (Matthew 14:22-23; Mark 1:35; Mark 6:30-31).  It seems to be a good practice for spiritual health to get alone with God.  Just one to One.  It is a practice I intend to implement more often.  As we wait on God we are spiritually refreshed and renewed.  We focus and see things clearly. We move through life being one with the wind of the Holy Spirit.  And like an eagle, we will mount up higher and higher in the kingdom of God.



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  1. Nathan trim

    Marsha it’s the wonderful thing please keep up the good work I love you with all my heart your brother Porky!

    • Marsha Williams

      Thanks so much. I love you, too, brother dear. Glad you are able to access my site.

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