Laboring in God’s Vineyard


Labor Day Thoughts


I’ve heard several ministers say that when you have a problem you should search the Scriptures to find something that applies to your situation. So being without finances and relatives to fall back on, the last time I needed to look for a “permanent” job, I took this advice to heart. I turned to the parable of the workers in the vineyard (Matt 20:1-16).

I found myself thinking about the people who had been standing in the marketplace all day—not the ones that were hired first, but the others. For the landowner had gone out several times—the 3rd, the 6th and the 11th hour. And at the 11th hour, the landowner asked them “why have you been standing here idle all day?” And they said to him “Because no one hired us.”

Why had they not been chosen sooner? What kind of people might they be who were passed over at the 3rd, and 6th hour? You can decide for yourself. But whatever the reason, it occurred to me that those who were hired last had also born the heat of the day for they were in the marketplace from the beginning. They had showed up as prepared as they knew to be and were ready, willing and able to do something for someone to earn their living.

I found myself as one of those people still waiting in the marketplace at the 11th hour. I didn’t seem to be what employers wanted—overqualified for this, underqualified for that, etc., etc. Yet there I was in the marketplace making myself available—making calls, sending out resumes, signing up with various agencies, etc., etc.

Then as I was meditating, it hit me! This parable is about the kingdom of heaven. My Father God owns all this stuff! For the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as in heaven. I realized that I had been seeking employment from the managing tenant-farmers instead of the Owner. I needed to take my case directly to God! So that’s what I did. At the Mercy Seat of God, I poured out my heart and laid out my needs. And there, God met and answered me.

So, on this Labor Day, I want to encourage all those who are seeking employment. Forget about the tenant-farmers. Instead, present yourself and your petition before the living God. Lay out your situation before Him. Allow Him space to grant you favor with the tenant-farmers and take heart that whatever wages are right you will receive from Him.

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  1. Keren Louise

    Amazing article Marsha! You are so talented!

    • Marsha Williams

      Thank You, Keren.

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