It’s All About Love

    It’s All About Love A Poem by Marsha Williams   Into natural exile we are first born Spiritually barren, futile, forlorn In a place where we know not God’s mercy or love Cannot call on His name or seek Him above But it’s all about love – God’s love   So a people […]

“Restart,” “Continue,” or “Finish”

This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad!  Not only is this another day, but it is now another calendar year.  Though a day is as a thousand years to God, our temporal lives are measured out in minutes and hours; days and weeks; months and years.  None […]

A Christmas Wish

This Christmas, may Christ unwrap the gifts of our hearts and take joy in the overflow of our lips giving Him glory, praise, honor and appreciative thanks for His mercy and goodness to us all year.  Though this day may not actually be the birthday of our Lord, it is the day we celebrate it […]

Thank You Veterans

  Thank you to all the veterans who have and continue to serve this nation, as well as others.  I thank you for your courage, your bravery and your honorable service.  Some characterize me as coming from a military family.  And I suppose there is some merit to that since all of the men in […]

Laboring in God’s Vineyard

  Labor Day Thoughts   I’ve heard several ministers say that when you have a problem you should search the Scriptures to find something that applies to your situation. So being without finances and relatives to fall back on, the last time I needed to look for a “permanent” job, I took this advice to […]

Stumbling Blocks of Life

I was recently reminded about another article I was going to write on what I had learned from watching the movie A Beautiful Mind. Go with me to the bar scene in that movie.  Nash and his classmates are sitting around a table drinking beer and talking.  In walk several girls together.  Nash and his […]

What God Shuts No One Can Open

GOD’S CLOSED DOORS Have you ever heard someone say: “When God closes a door, He opens a window” or some such?  I have.  And I want to let you know, it ain’t necessarily so.  Sometimes God closes every door and window leaving you no escape from your predicament. Some years ago, i went through various […]

Speak a Word

Today I learned that a friend I hadn’t heard from for a while was suffering from a serious condition.  And later when I was at church, prayer was made for those suffering from cancer.  There seems to be a lot of illness and associated depression that people in my circles are suffering.  I have suffered […]

Honoring God as Father

  © Marsha Williams   It is not enough today Nor shall it ever be But let our voices sound aloud In acknowledgment of Thee   May Your children bring You glory And all creation sing Your praise With hearts bowed down before You May we honor the Ancient of Days   For blessed are […]