Speak a Word

Today I learned that a friend I hadn’t heard from for a while was suffering from a serious condition.  And later when I was at church, prayer was made for those suffering from cancer.  There seems to be a lot of illness and associated depression that people in my circles are suffering.  I have suffered some serious things myself in the past and have always turned to the Word of God and to writing through some of the tough times.  I know that God is both Comforter and Healer.  So, I thought I would post a short poem I wrote in the hope that it may somehow help others. Scripture tells us that God’s word does not return void, but prospers in that whereunto it is sent (ISA 55:10-11).  And God has exalted His word above even His name (Psalm, 138:2).  When I went through my own issues, I remembered how the centurion believed that God was able to heal his servant by just speaking a word–He didn’t need to visit his home.  The centurion understood the power and authority Jesus had over words and that His words were subject to Him (Matt 8:5-9).  And Scripture also says that Jesus lives to ever make intercession for us (Heb 7:24-27).  So for those who are going through some things, I hope you will find some comfort in this short poem.Praying - speak a word

Speak a Word

© 2016 Marsha Williams


When my soul is cast down and I am depressed

When I walk through the shadowed valley of death

Lord, speak a word


When there is nothing that on my own I can do

When even physicians have said they are through

Lord, speak a word


Stir up in me Lord that centurion-faith

For Your word is above Your name which is great

And Your word does not return to You void

Lord, my Lord, speak a word, O Lord