A Waltz Divine – The Trinity

© Marsha Williams

A Waltz Divine

Once upon a time in a far-away land.
God, the Father, created a plan.
The plan: to send to Earth His Son,
The Salvation of man.  I’ll call this step one.

The Son, our Savior, implemented the plan
And came to Earth in the form of man;
Laid down His life to redeem me and you.
This part of the plan, I’ll call step two.


Stay with me now as I tell you step three
Of the Holy Spirit of the Trinity
Not just our Comforter, Advocate, Guide
But the One designated to be by our side

With Him we must partner and let Him lead
In the waltz of our life—1 2 3, 1 2 3.
Leading and turning us ever around
Taking us always to higher ground.

Before we set foot on the streets of gold,
We must learn to dance as the Spirit takes hold.
For better and better our lives will be
When He leads us in life, 1 2 3; 1 2 3.